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The Optimistic Pessimist

My father loved to tell a story of the two twin brothers. One was a pessimist, the other an optimist. On their ninth birthday, the father led the pessimist son out to the backyard and presented him with a beautiful pony. The boy fretted, “What if I fall off and hurt myself!”

The father went to the optimist son and led him to a room. When the boy looked inside the room, he found a pile of manure. Delighted, he exclaimed, “Oh boy! Underneath all this manure, there must be a pony!”

How do you explain the events in your life?  The lesson here is that it makes a difference how you respond to whatever life presents you. To cope with the unpredictability of life, some of us think optimistically. A positive mental attitude empowers you to be aligned with your goals, values, and dreams. For others, with a pessimistic mindset they think of what did or might go wrong and only consider the downside. In both cases, the optimistic and pessimistic mindset is the driving force to protect against future disappointment or hurt.

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Just a Thought Away

What is it that destroys a love connection?  Over the past years of working with people to restore the relationships they have with themselves and others, I’ve realized that we lose that love connection unknowingly.  It is a subtle cycle we may not be aware of.

It goes something like this:  An event happens causing us heartfelt discomfort. Let’s say you get pulled over for not fully stopping at a stop sign. As the policeman is walking over to your car you begin to feel the sting of embarrassment.  The depth of loss of pride and self respect rings loud and clear.  You re-act by getting angry at the police officer for being unfair. You firmly believed he was wrong.  You tried to convince him about this, but his point of view became a muddled distortion. You were steaming inside.  Maybe you don’t literally throw eggs at the police car, but your confrontational words do.  Or maybe you don’t even outwardly show anger, but you go home and take it out on yourself internally or the people you most care about.

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