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    Create A Life That Feels Good!


  • Nurture What You Want To Grow

  • "It’s in the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way."
    Claude Monet

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Welcome to My Website

My goal is to help you resolve your discontent.

The ability to create a life that feels good each day
is about making choices and finding solutions that feel right.

What to Expect

To begin our work we discuss your expectations, your current issues and concerns. Together we identify what motivates and fulfills you, what limits you, and what steps are needed to lead you on the path to creating a life that feels good.

All Services are Confidential

Private Office in Miami, Scheduled Appointments Only. Also Offering Video or Phone Sessions. Individual, Couples, or Family Issues.

What motivates you into action?

Find the inner spark that motivates you to be disciplined and confident. Define a plan of action to stay on track. Navigate through your stuckness.
Passion ~ Vision ~ Courage ~ Perseverance ~ Attainment